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To The Elect ...

In December, AD 37, Agrippina and her husband had a son. Because they were a noble family, they were able to afford to provide a good education for their son, and hired the famous Stoic philosopher Seneca the Younger to be his tutor. When the boy was twelve, some time after the death of her husband, Agrippina married the emperor Claudius and persuaded her husband to adopt her son and set aside the claim to succession of his younger son Britannicus. Five years later, in October, AD 54, it is said that Agrippina fed her husband poisoned mushrooms. Claudius died, age 64, and his adopted son, Nero, age 17, became emperor. Because he was under-age, Agrippina ruled the empire. Coinage was issued showing the heads of Agrippina and Nero facing one another. But, after just one year, Nero assumed full control, assassinated Britannicus, and his mother’s power faded away. 

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